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soulmates [prod. e-ril]

In the spirit of making sure we somehow drop these creative bodies of work we have worked on over time, i have shelved this piece for a while now and i think its time it sees the light of day. Soulmates is a piece from my poetry anthology titled ‘creature of habit’, the first installation was a a 7-track EP by the same title which was followed by a single piece release titled ‘impecunious’.

Soulmates is a reflection of lost true love, a lamentation of what happens when those we hold dear leave us, what we remain with: the memories, the pain, the little pockets of sunshine and everything in between. Soulmates was produced by the late Eril, a very talented young music icon, warm and a good friend to a lot of us, who left us with beautiful memories.

This pieces is a breadcrumbs from the main project, my poetry book by the same title “creature of habit”, which i have just finished having the illustrations for each piece done by the multi-talent Akulu Lipenga and publishing plans for it are already in motion with an international publishing company.

Listen and download ‘soulmates’ here before it comes out on streaming platforms one day in the future . . .if ever…lol.

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  1. June 28, 2024 - Reply

    Perfect move uncle Timmy 🦙🔥

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