Lord Timothée

A little about me

I possess over 7 years of multi-industry work experience, this spreads across information technology, regional expertise, business development, marketing, creative direction & design. My career has been a mix of many roles, now I channel that into creative pursuits.

Alongside my co-founders, we curate and produce a series of premier curated events that celebrate art, food, and lifestyle called The Sunday Soirée. I also make condiments with 77th Avenue, where we are launching our chilli sauces soon.



About Me

I’m a firm believer that we must find what brings us contentment, purpose and what makes us happy.

When we discover our passions, we can find ways to sustain ourselves through them and avoid hating our jobs. For me, it’s been a journey. I started in IT, then moved to digital marketing and design direction. Now, I love combining all these skills in events, agribusiness, and art curation. Each phase has been enjoyable and taught me a lot. I Pursue what makes me come alive, and I let that be my main work.